Monday, August 5, 2019

Game: Find the Poison Dart Frogs!

I recently visited The Living Planet Aquarium in Utah, and absolutely loved it! There's so much about that place which I'd love to write about later.

But for now - let's play a game!!!

Did you know Poison Dart Frogs are often called the most poisonous animal in the world? Specifically the Golden Poison Dart Frog has enough poison on its skin to kill 10 grown men. Wow. I will not be buying one of these as a pet.

Here's The Game:

Below are 6 pics of the poison dart tank at the aquarium. They each have a different frog somewhere in them. Can you find each frog? Some are easier to spot, and some require zooming into the pic.

The lesson learned is that the world's most poisonous animal can barely be seen without specifically looking out for them. How are humans still alive on this planet?!

Good luck! (Answers are even farther below.)

Pic #1:
Hint: It's green and striped

Pic #2:
Hint: It's not green

Pic #3:
Hint: There are two of them in this pic.

Pic #4:
Hint: This is the hardest one to find! Zoom in. It's green and striped.

Pic #5:
Hint: No hint for this one - you can do it! :-)

Pic #6:
Hint: Before you've even spotted it, it's spotted you!

Get Them All? Here are the Answers (in order):