Sunday, September 11, 2016

Amazing Animal Facts: Sharks!

I could easily have this blog focus on sharks - they're that interesting. I've done posts in the past about great white sharks. Though they're probably the most well-known predatory shark, there are many other sharks.

I recently stayed at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas. I gotta admit, I stayed there because of the gigantic shark tank - it's crazy awesome!!!  I'll get to the picks later below. But I seriously can't say enough about the shark tank that is in the middle of the pool - well worth the stay!!! I just stared at the sharks for hours while wading in the pool. Amazing.

There are 5 types of sharks in the tank:
  1. Sand Tiger Shark: This one is my favorite - it looks like a mini great white. I say "mini," but they really are large - about 6.5 to 10.5 feet long.  Their teeth are easily seen and give a very menacing impression!
  2. Nurse Shark: These are nocturnal and will often rest on the bottom of the sea shore in large groups of 40 or so. They are 7.5 to 9.75 feet long.  Interesting fact: Nurse Sharks are responsible for the most shark bites because many divers can't resist pulling their long tails.
  3. Blacktip Reef Shark: About 5.2 feet long, this shark is very common to Florida. Their name perfectly describes them - they have a black tip on their fin.
  4. Zebra Shark: They feed mainly on reef mollusks and crustaceans as well as small fish.  Their narrow bodies allow them to squirm into narrow crevices and channels in search of food.  These are vulnerable to decline in population, but are found around Japan, Australia, and in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. They can get up to 12 feel long and are aptly names due to their zebra look.
  5. Sandbar Shark: This species gets its common name from the sandy and muddy areas where it's commonly found along the U.S. Atlantic coast.  Besides humans, Sandbar Sharks have very few predators.
Did You Know? Pigs kill more humans every year than sharks do!

Ok, time for pictures of this amazing shark thank - there's even a water slide you can go down through the middle!!!

How Many of the Five Shark Species Can You Find in My Pics?

Oh, by the way, The Shallows comes out on DVD on September 27, 2016.